Image Office Supplies Ltd supplies and do installation of the best biometric access control solutions in Kenya. Biometric solutions from Image Office Supplies Ltd will give you a very easy and secure method of identity verification. In most computer systems, measures such as PIN, passwords, cards and keys are used for identity verification.The setback about these measures is the fact that people often change, disclose or forget them compared to other biometric devices. An accurate and reliable technique of identification/verification can be designed by use of biometrics.

Today, biometric security devices do much more than authentication; they provide the right level of security, at the exact places needed, and are able to adjust dynamically the level of authentication necessary for ever-changing threat levels. These capabilities only increase in importance as modern physical access control systems also begin to converge with other building management and communication devices. To manage employees, visitors, and contractors better, and protect important areas like executive floors, data centers, and research labs ,more companies are deploying physical security systems, video surveillance cameras,time and attendance systems. Image Office Supplies Ltd is here to help you in deploying these security systems. Contact us today for a quotation.