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  • BioEntry Plus

    World-Renowned Suprema
    Fingerprint Technology

    The Powerful,yet sophisticated Suprema fingerprint
    algorithm forms the core of every BioEntry Plus, making it
    a truly secure biometric access control device.
    With unheralded speed and accuracy, Suprema
    algorithm has been proven as the world’s best.
  • BioEntry W

    IP65, Dust & Water Proof

    BioEntry W offers superior environment protection
    with its IP65 rating. The device is protected against
    invasive moisture, dust and even liquids. This
    superb environment protection is achieved through
    meticulous sealing and extra protective
    engineering from Suprema. No matter how harsh
    the environment, the durable and dependable
    BioEntry W is the ideal choice for outdoor
  • BioLite Net

    World-Renowned Suprema Fingerprint Algorithm

    BioLite Net is powered by Suprema’s renowned fingerprint algorithm that has been recognized multiple times by both FVC and NIST MINEX as the best algorithm in the world. The device delivers fast matching speed and rapid responses while providing an exceptional low error rate.The powerful DSP of the device is capable of handling large amounts of data required for fast and accurate verification while ensuring uninterrupted device operations.
  • BioStation

    Full-Featured Biometric Solution

    BioStation features full navigation keys with number keypad that allows it to be more than just an access control device, but serve as a full-featured biometric solution for time management duties.
  • BioStation 2

    Instant Matching & Authentication

    BioStation 2 is designed to provide
    matching & authentication in an instant.
    Leveraging the powerful hardware and
    sophisticated algorithms, the device can
    match and authenticate up to 20,000
    fingerprints per second.
  • BioStation A2

    World’s Best Performance

    BioStation A2 features a class-leading powerful
    Quad Core CPU that enhances user experience by
    offering World’s best matching performance,
    smooth graphics, and quick response for users.
    BioStation A2 carries massive 8GB memory to store
    up to 500,000 users, 5,000,000 text logs as well as
    50,000 image logs to accommodate enterprise class
    sites with room to spare.
  • BioStation L2

    Live Finger Detection

    BioStation L2 features the Live Finger Detection 2.0 from
    Suprema. The previous live detection technology
    analyzes the dynamically changing pattern, liveness
    feature and unnaturalness feature of live and new fingers.
    Along with improvements to the existing algorithm, the
    new detection technology implements liveness decision
    engine using dual light source imaging. Using infra-red
    and white light, the engine blocks fake fingerprints made
    from numerous different materials.
  • BioStation T2

    Suprema Fingerprint Technology

    BioStation T2 is powered by the world-renowned Suprema
    fingerprint algorithm that has been recognized multiple times by
    both FVC and NIST MINEX as the most compatible and accurate
    algorithm in the world.
    With an exceptionally low error rate and quick verification speed
    of the Suprema algorithm, the powerful dual-CPU of the device,
    it pushes the performance envelop to the next level.